Where you can find amazon catfish

The Amazon River is the second largest in the world surpassed only by the Nile River. It’s 4,000 miles long and runs from the Andes to the Atlantic with many different creeks, lagoons and smaller rivers extending out from the main river all along the way. The Amazon rainforest provides about twenty percent of the world’s oxygen and it’s considered a great natural resource.
The Amazon is definitely an amazing place and it’s also called the “catfish capitol of the world”. It’s the home to over 2,800 species of fish and it’s estimated that about half of them belong to the catfish family. The fishing in this river is amazing and there is no better place in the world to seek out this species.
A Little about Amazon Catfish
When you think about catfish, you normally think of the blue cat, channel and flathead because these are the most common and what you may be used to seeing when you fish. However, when you think of the Amazonian catfish, you can’t even begin to name them all or describe what they look like.
There are so many catfish in the area that it’s believed they make up about half of all the species of catfish found in the world. You’ll see catfish here that you won’t find anywhere else. Some of them weigh over 100 pounds and the Pirarara (Red Tailed Catfish) is one of the most sought out in this area. They are a colorful catfish that emits loud grunts when caught that often stuns anglers the first time they catch one.
Some of the other species sought out in this area include the spotted Surubim, gigantic Jau, Tiger Surubim, Paraiba and Dorado. More and more anglers are discovering the incredible catfish fishing opportunities the Amazon has to offer. There is nothing else like it in the world.
Several species of catfish in this river may not even have a name yet because there are so many of them. There are areas that are isolated and difficult or impossible to get to so no one knows for sure what kind of fish species are in these areas.
Where to Find Amazon Catfish
The Amazon River is so large that your first thought might be where to begin your search for the catfish. The catfish in this area may be a new species to you but they still follow much of the same patterns as the ones you’re used to. Amazon catfish can be found in deep holes and along the banks of the river. Throughout the river, you can find catfish at the mouth of the creeks, lagoons and smaller rivers extending from the Amazon River. They make their home all along the river so they are easy to find for the most part.
Since these fish grow even larger than the ones you may be use to it’s vital that you have the right gear. Heavy-duty tackle, 50 to 80 pound test line and between 5/0 and 8/0 hooks are recommended. Anything smaller will not hold these fish. You also need to be prepared for the fight mentally and physically. When you catch a fish this large that fights as hard as the catfish, it’s going to take its toll. If you’re not prepared, the fish will most likely get away.
Fishing the Amazon
Catfish fishing the Amazon River is no ordinary fishing trip. Since this is where the world’s largest rainforest is located, there are all types of wildlife in this forest. You’ll see exotic birds, monkeys, turtles, sloths and so much more. It will certainly be an adventure like none other. It would be easy to get so caught up in all the things going on around you that you don’t pay attention to your fishing but this could prove to be dangerous.
This environment is beautiful but it can also be deadly if you don’t know how to handle yourself or know your way around. It’s for this reason that it’s recommended that you only enter the forest with a professional who knows the area well.
This is no place to venture out alone so the best way to fish the Amazon is with a guide. It would be too easy to get lost without an escort. In addition to safety, the guides know exactly where to take you to fish and they know what gets the attention of the catfish you’re seeking out the best. As a result, you can have a fun, exciting and safer fishing trip.
Catfish enthusiasts and the hardcore fisherman can really appreciate the fishing experience the Amazon provides. There is no other place in the world like the Amazon River. You never know what kind of catfish you’ll encounter or what other fish species you may end up catching. Imagine how exciting it would be to catch a new species of catfish. That would be amazing!

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