Do you know what the record catfish caught in Utah was

Do you know what the record catfish caught in Utah was?

Based on my research, the largest catfish caught in Utah was 89 pounds. There are stories about people catching larger ones, but they haven’t yet been verified. This one that was verified though was caught in 2010, in the month of May. It was caught by John Kinney at Lake Gaston. He was along with his friend, Jay O’Donnell.
The men were fishign with a large group, and this catfish was photographed and then it provided them all with dinner. They said it was great tasting. They laughed, saying they had to share it, as the catfish was too large for them to place into their cooler. There isn’t much information though about the tackle or the bait that was used to catch this catfish in Utha. These men were experienced fishermen, and they said it was very hard to get it to their boat and then back to shore.

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