Where in a lake is the best all-around place to catch flatheads or channel catfish of any size and what bait to use?

where in a lake is the best all-around place to catch flatheads or channels of any size. and on what bait?

The best place to catch the channels is on humps or by the edges of the drop offs. The channels hurdle around waiting for prey to come into line. The catfish will also hide out by some rock formations. Underwater sand flats will have a few, but I have heard of anglers catching them in waters as shallow as eight to ten feet. The catfish is not that hard of a fish to catch, however, catching the monsters will take some time. The smaller catfish can be caught with minnows, but the big catfish are caught with larger fish or even fish heads. You need to have some strong test line if you go after the big ones. Once they grab the bait, they are going to fight you to the death so to speak. You should use a strong circle hook so once they grab the bait fish, the hook will get them. The catfish will eat about anything as you might already know, but I would stick to minnows and fish heads. The catfish will be where the waters are darker if they are around during the day. Catfish are night feeders and you would do well fishing at night. You should find them in the deeper water during ht e day and in the shallower waters during the day. If you want to fish the catfish, try fishing shallow waters at night by the shallows and by weed beds. They should be there waiting for you to come and get them.

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