When To Tightline

When should tight lining be my presentation of choice?

Tightlining is a good way to catch catfish when you have foliage or other obstructions.  Catfish like to hang out around the bottom of the lake, and that’s also where you find lots of plant life that can get between a nice, fat cat and that tiny piece of bait.

When you tightline, you have weights on the line.  This way, you can have total control over how far your bait is from the bottom.  With so much stuff down there, a catfish may not see your bait, so this way you can dangle it right in front of his face.

Tightlining is also great for catching catfish in the shallows, or right by a creek bank.  If you’re trying to get cats at night when they’re feeding, tightlining is a great technique to use.  Stick to the areas near the shore where they’ll be looking for food.

You can also get catfish during the daytime tightlining.  If you’re fishing in a creek or lake with rocks at the bottom, you can catch some good ones by tightlining during the day. 

You’ll have the best luck tightlining in an area where there isn’t much current, so you can keep control of where your bait is.

Tightlining is always good for catching catfish.  They sometimes come by and take the bait and you hardly even feel it, so with a good, tight line, you can feel when that cat comes along, and you can also pull him up quickly.  Most of the folks I know who go for catfish have great luck with tightlining.


Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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