What is the easiest catfish rig for beginners?

I’ll like to try my hand at catching Catfish – what is the easiest rig to use for a beginner?

The first piece of advice that I always offer to beginning catfishers is that you’ve got to be willing to do some experimenting.  There are several rigging methods that will help you catch catfish, but you’re going to have to be willing to try a few to figure out which one works best for the conditions you’re fishing in.  For example, if you’re fishing in a lake that has a lot of plant life or undergrowth on the bottom, try “Tightlining”.  The most important thing to remember when using this technique is that you’ve got to keep the line tight or you’ll miss the strike.  To set up this rig, you’ll want to start by looping a bait holder or treble hook about 18 to 24 inches from the end of your line.  Choose a weight that is heavy enough to keep the rig still in the water.  If the current is strong, for example, you’ll need a heavier weight than if the water is clear.  Tie the weight on the end of the line. With this method, no movement of the bait is necessary.  You’ll actually want to try and make sure you hold your rod as still as possible, the bait will move on it’s own.

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3 Responses to “What is the easiest catfish rig for beginners?”

  1. richard kesar says:

    my cousin and i are beginners when it comes to flathead and blue fishing. we go to a pay lake almost every weekend and we havent caught one yet! we will be sittin there and big blues and flats will be gettin pulled in all night. they are usin live and cut bait because we talk to all of those guys and they dont know what we are doin wrong! we all use the same bait and some of the guys even told us that our bait is better than theres. they just use sunfish and shiners, we have sunfish, suckers, bullheads and shad and they cant believe we dont catch any, what are we doin wrong? the only thing i think it could be is the way we rig up our poles but i dont know

  2. willie mosley says:

    Me and my son fish all the time, were going for cat this week end,and would like to know what line and hook is best for cat.

  3. Tim Robertson says:

    rigging in pay lakes ive found needs to be changed up. seems to me that each lake is different and baits and rigging very, but one rigging that seems to work well for me is letting your bait hang 18 inches or so suspended by a large bobber. especially when usung chicken liver or a powerful stink bait. my thery her is the scent and or blood in the bait is free to travel in al directions un obstructed, also have good luck with white jigs, ive pulled many of keepers out on white jigs, ones that resemble grubs work very well.

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