What is a looper rig?

I got some advice to try a looper rig to catch catfish. What is it?

The “looper rig” is a patented design made by avid cat fisher Darrell Elgin, who sells them on his website called “Looper’s Rig.” The looper rig is designed to hold various kinds of dip baits and other baits that are too soft for a normal hook. For example, looper rigs work great with doughbait and other soft materials that won’t stay on the hook, and have a tendency to get spit out by catfish. Looper rigs are also great for dipping in blood, stink bait, and other stinky stuff that cats go for. The basic design has loops all over the rig and one big hook. The loops help keep your bait in place. You can use a looper rig not only for soft or dip baits, but for any bait and it will stabilize it on the hook. This means that you can put bigger baits on your hook and not worry about them slipping off in the current. There are several different styles of looper rig available, and they are all manufactured and sold by Elgin himself. You can also order looper rigs with a variety of hooks, including treble hooks, kahle hooks, or circle hooks. Looper rigs work best with dip baits that have a consistency like peanut butter. These include Sonny’s, Hog Wild Premo, Junnie’s cat tracker and other stuff like that. But, get creative! Looper rigs allow you to put just about anything soft and doughy on there, adding greatly to your baiting options. Go through the refrigerator and freezer and see what other kinds of goodies you can put on your looper rig. Looper rigs are the best way to keep stink bait on your rig.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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