The weight of a Channel Catfish

How much do Channel Catfish normally weigh?

Channel Catfish are the species of catfish that has the largest population in northern America and are also one of the most sought after fish in the United States with millions of anglers pitting their wits against these great specimens every year.

Channel Catfish are not found in particular areas of the Unites States like many of its Catfish cousins and can be found in most small rivers, large rivers, lakes and even in ponds.

The Channel Catfish is an omnivore so will take a wide variety of baits from live bait to ivory soap, it is the fact the Channel Catfish is not particular abotu their diet that has helped their population flourish in every water hole across America.

Unlike other members of the Catfish family the Channel Catfish does not grow to huge sizes and has a maximum weight of roughly forty to fifty pounds (eighteen to twenty three kilograms) with a catch of over ten pounds (four and a half kilograms) seen as a good catch.

The average weight for a Channel Catfish caught is only around two to four pounds in weight (one to two kilograms) making larger Channel Catfish a rare catch that has every angler envying anyone who manages to land a larger specimen.

The actual world record for the heaviest Channel Catfish caught is fifty eight pounds (twenty six kilograms) that was caught in the South Carolina waters of Lake Marion back in nineteen sixty four. This shows how rare it is to land such a large Channel Catfish as this record has lasted for over forty years.

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