Is there any difference between catching farm raised vs. natural catfaish?

Is there any difference between catching farm raised vs. natural catfaish?

Yes, there is lots of difference. For one thing, with farm raised catfish, you’ll catch more fish, I guarantee! Raising farm catfish is a fun way to enjoy catfishing with comfort and ease. You’ll pull lots of fish out of that pond. The only challenge is that you have to feed and take care of them, and that can be a little challenging. The best way to do the feeding is to give them a regular diet of something like bread and small baitfish, then when you want to pull some of them out, use something stinky and delicious that they will love. For example, when you go out hunting for them use chicken livers, hot dogs, cheese, shrimp or shad and you’ll be sure to pull a bunch of them out. You can also make them wait and get hungry a little before you go after them. Delay fishing a little later than their usual feeding time, and they’ll be good and hungry. One challenge with farm fishing is that your catfish tend to get used to the bait and quit biting after a while. Lots of folks who stock their pond with catfish find that the fishing’s really good for awhile, and then suddenly it gets harder to get the catfish. Are they wising up to your tricks? Maybe. A good solution to this is to switch up the bait a little. Just like cats in the wild, they get tired of eating the same old thing all the time. Get creative!

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  1. Alex Saxon says:

    Need your help!!! I live in the city and we don’t have any place to fish.The whole family loves fried catfish andI want to raise catfish in a livestock watering tank,I bought one at AgSupply it holds 1100 gals of water,but now i Don’t know the stocking rate for a tank like this,can you help me.THANKS!!!

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