Is the Bullhead a Catfish?

Is the Bullhead a catfish?

There are two different species of fish in the world called a Bullhead, one found in Europe and the other found in North America.

The Sculpin 

In the lakes, rivers and streams of Europe, mainly in southern England, the United Kingdom, there is a small fish known as Bullhead that grows up to no longer than fifteen centimetres even when fully matured.

The Sculpin is a small bony fish that has a bony spine and is edible but is not normally eaten as it is not very tasty. They are normally found in shallow waters by the bottom and can live out of water for quite a few hours.

The Catfish

There are three types of Catfish called Bullhead found in the United States of America, mainly in the large lakes from Texas to North Dakota and the east. These three catfish are the Yellow Bullhead, Brown Bullhead and Black Bullhead.

These three Bullhead catfish are all very similar to look at except for their colouration which is where they get their names from. The only real difference between these catfish is that the Yellow Bullhead has white barbells while the other two Bullhead catfish have dark brown barbells.

All three types of bullhead catfish are scavengers and eat live or dead food stuff, the food types they eat are worms, snails, insects, crayfish and smaller fish.

Overall the Bullhead catfish can grow up to eighteen inches in length (forty five centimetres) and just over four pounds (two kilograms) in weight. Due to its size many fishermen across North America love to fish for Bullhead catfish as a hobby or sport.

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