I need to know what bait to use for flat heads and any certain bait for big blues.

hey dan my names josh i just love the heck outta cat fiching i fish severeal cat fish pay lakes and rivers ranging from pennsylavania to the state of illinois…. ive fished the ohih river the three rivers entry way. beaver river falston damn lake erie….. my favorite is actually walleye but flat heads and blues are another favorite of mine…. i use gold fish and blue gill alot but really only catch at most 3 or 4 with in a 12 hour night fishing period… i usually try near the openings of channels at lakes, like the one i fish at they have 4 different lakes but all conjoined. with a seperation where the lakes will skinny out into four with fence dividers the area of the dividers is only about 4 feet across so it forms into a damned up channel. i usually fish close to the channels but more like the mouth of them. which i belive is the number 1 spot but maybe im just not using the right bait i wanna know if there are any certain baits for flat heads and any certain baits and areas for big blues…. *by the way this lake also has a 72 pound blue cat named big hub. you can find the lakes site at hubbards south lakes. in mooresville, IN

Catfish or as you would say, flatheads are drawn to smelly baits. There are some horrible smelling bait recipes that allow you to make your own stinky bait. I would recommend making your own smelly bait to catch the big catfish. I can honestly tell you that smelly baits are attracting some nice sized flatheads in any waters. The one bait that most anglers have found to work the best is ivory soap in a dough ball or chicken livers soaked for a few weeks in a garlic solution in the hot sun or a garage and a five-gallon bucket. Although these are the best recipes for catfish, you want to fish at night when the catfish are more likely to eat. Catfish are night feeders and will swarm around something in the water at night that catches their attention. The catfish do feed during the day if bait is presented, but for the most part, they are night scavengers. For the big catfish, you want to fish the deeper waters. The smaller fish are in shallower waters but to make everything interesting, you need to fish the deeper waters. Take some time to learn about the water you are fishing such as the deepest part and the area underwater. Talk with some other anglers and see where they are fishing. The old anglers you meet have some fantastic stories and they are mostly true. They can teach you a lot about fishing for flatheads. Get the bait made first and then head out to the right areas.

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  1. alex says:

    i am 13 and i know my catfishing and this bait will probably work if your in a good spot feel free to email me at [email protected] to send more good bait

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