I need a good bait recipe for catching channel catfish. Any recommendations?

I need a good bait recipe for catching channel catfish. Any recommendations?

There are a great many recipes for bait to catch channel catfish, and some of them can be pretty far out. The bottom line is that these fish are not picky eaters, and when you combine a few common elements, you will most likely have a bait that can catch channel cat. Catfish have extremely sensitive scent sensors. They often live in the muddy bottoms of lakes and rivers, so they can not always rely on sight to find their prey. Evolution and necessity has made them extremely efficient at smelling their prey and responding accordingly. For this reason, baits that smell strongly (and often offensively—thus the term stink bait) often work the best, particularly when you are fishing in water where the fish have low visibility. Consider using smelly ingredients such as limburger cheese, garlic, and fermented grain or rancid meats. Here are a couple of good bait recipes for channel catfish. Channel Cat Cheese Bait Melt cheese ½ pound of limburger cheese, and add a pint of milk and 2 T. molasses Add oatmeal until you get the right consistency to form a ball that will stay on a hook, but be sure to allow the oatmeal enough time to absorb, or it will become dry and too brittle to form a ball. Catfish Bait Mix 2C bacon grease, 2C cornmeal, 6C oatmeal, 1 can of tuna, ½ pound of limburger cheese, 1 pound chicken livers, and 1C brown sugar together. Leave this mixture out in the sun for a week, stirring once a day for five days. You can use this for chum or bait. All species of catfish love this bait.

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  1. Larry Eave says:

    Best dough bait ever made, Take 2 cups of hog feed pellets and cover with water, let this set until the pellets fall apart or become smooth, add 1/2 cup peanut butter, 1 cup strawberry coolaid made very strong, 15 drops anise oil, 1/2 cup water, then add flour until this makes a firm ball that will stay on a number 6 trebble hook. When you think that the bait is finished add another cup of flour and continue nedding togather with your hands. This bait will not stink like most baits but it will catch a lot of catfish.

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