Do you have some tips for catching catfish at night in Texas?

hi dan kinda new at cat fishing in texas been fishing since i was a kid the only catfishing i have done would have been at night using a night crawler, bell sinker on the bottom 1-2 hooks up about a foot or two now i know there are some huge cats in texas and different methods to catch them but i like to go at night sit in my chair with a cold drink and relax is this type of fishing productive or a waste of time i really dont care if i catch one big one or a dozen small ones some times we take the kids and they love it any tips u could give me would be of great help i will talk to u soon thank you,

Texas has a reputation for having some giant catfish. Fishing at night should yield you some nice size fish if you use the right bait. If you want to catch the giant catfish, you are going to need to get out to the deeper waters. For catching a giant catfish, use a large fish as bait. If you are looking for a nice size catfish from shore, it has to be somewhere that has a water depth that can accommodate the catfish without stranded it. I would say that ten to fifteen feet of water would do nicely. Since you already fishing at night, I would suggest examining your bait and the type and size of your bait. It is wise to be quite when fishing for catfish at night. The environment is quite and noise will spook the fish if it is excessive. The place you fish is important. Try to get a little deeper for the big cats. If you are looking for twenty pounds or so, fish the underwater deadwood areas. It seems like you have a good time no mater if you catch some cats or not, but if you change locations a little, you might have better luck. Ask some of the anglers in the area or cal the bait shop during the day to see if they have any areas that are popular for fishing at night. You might even try a new river or lake. These are a few suggestions. Cats are not as easy to catch, but they can be caught if you are in the right area.

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