Dan, My grandfather has a 2-acre pond that was stocked with primarily catfish about 20 years ago. It has only been fished a few times and he claims to

Dan, My grandfather has a 2 acre pond that was stocked with primarily catfish about 20 years ago. It has only been fished a few tims and he claims to have seen 6 to 7 feet long catfish waddling near the shore. He is usually not the “fish tail” story teller that older folks can often be…he is usually right on and never stretches a story. My question is this…what woud you recommend would work best to catch a couple? Should we fish it with a standard pole and line set-up or should we try barrels or jugs tied to lines and come back the next day? We plan on returning them to the pond but want a few pics first. Thanks for your help!

Wow, 6 to 7 feet long catfish. I have never seen one that long. I have done some checking and I cannot find any information on a catfish that long. I have never heard of them getting that long, but if you think grandpa is telling the truth, you should catch one and take many pictures. Although catfish can live a long time, they would need a great deal of baitfish to live. You do not say what else is in the pond that they can feed on. Since you want to see for sure, here is what I suggest for catching one or two. I do not suggest leaving a line attended since you want to catch the catfish then release it. I would go at night when it is dark and use a larger fish to bait it. You are going to need forty to eighty pound test line. A large circle hook will work the best, but you have to be careful when removing before releasing the fish. Have enough test line to give the fish a little running room. If he is that big, you need to tire him out. I would have another experienced person with you, because you may get tired before the catfish. Good luck catching the catfish. I hope your grandpa is right about the size because you will have yourself a great fishing story. Send some pictures on my way if you do catch a big catfish out of the pond.

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