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What is the Evening Secret?

To save space on the blog questions and answers section, I’ve posted a brand new article about the Evening Secret. You can check it out here. Hopefully this helps everyone understand what it is and how to use it, as I’ve gotten a LOT of questions on this, and I thought I’d tackle them all with 1 article. Enjoy!

What is jug fishing?

What is “jug fishing”?

Can I catch catfish from the bank?

I’d like to try my hand at cat fishing – but don’t have access to a boat – can I actually catch any catfish from the bank?

Can I drift fish for catfish from shore?

Someone told me I should try drift-fishing for Catfish but I don’t have a boat. Can this technique be used from the shore?

What is still-fishing?

Can you explain the term still-fishing?
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